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TTRPG Writing Portfolio

Alex studied English Literature at Fordham University and Trinity College Dublin, and graduated with a BA in English from Bates College. His experience as a writer and editor covers tabletop roleplaying games, gender and sexuality studies, journalism, and academic research. They are also an essayist, poet, and narrative designer.

You can find samples of their work below.

Estate Sale of the Renowned Toymaker – Item List

D100 Homebrew Wild Magic Surge Table – D&D 5th Edition

Introduction to Senelji – D&D 5E Homebrew Setting

Neum, The Devouring Library –

Horror Worldbuilding Setting

Sadakka and the Asli – D&D Homebrew Worldbuilding

An image of a well-dressed tabaxi wielding a small pistol. Commissioned art by @AlexHDukes.

The Dulcimers & Port Ustnvolt – D&D Homebrew Faction & One Shot

Image: Commissioned Art of Faction Leader “Rook,” By @ AlexHDukes.