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Alex Teplitz.

Writer. Editor. Art Director. Game Designer. Pro-GM. TTRPG Performer.

Tabletop Writing Portfolio. Mechanics, Settings, Worldbuilding, Fiction.

Alice is Missing: Silent Falls with Hunters Entertainment.
➼ Art Director and Contributing Graphic Designer.
➼ Playtesting and Playtest Feedback.
➼ Copywriting and Marketing for Kickstarter campaign.

Upcoming: Confluence RPG with Publishing Goblin.
➼ Settings and Worldbuilding Writer. Mechanical Designer.
➼ Art Director and Social Media Manager.
➼ Developmental, Copy, and Line Editing.

Gods of Metal: Ragnarock with Hunters Entertainment.
➼ Sensitivity Consulting and Contributing Design.
➼ Developmental, Copy, and Line Editing.

Kids on Bikes Second Edition with Hunters Entertainment.
➼ Developmental, Copy, and Line Editing.
➼ Playtesting and Playtest Feedback.
➼ Created Storyteller and Streamer Update Kit.

The Vineyard RPG with IsFriday.
➼ Writing and Mechanical Development.
➼ Marketing and Playtesting.

The Sunken Sanctuary with 20,000+ downloads for One More Multiverse.
➼ Commissioned to write and design D&D 5e Marketplace adventure to onboard new players to virtual tabletop platform.
➼ Writing: NPCs, Items, Adventure Text.
➼ Created Homebrew Mechanics, Adventure Flow, Custom Monsters.
➼ Level Design and Mapmaking.

Anansi’s Tapestry of Lives with BeNeverEnding.
➼ Copy Editor and Contributing Writer.
➼ Social Media Promotion and Analytics.
➼ Writer Sourcing and Creator Outreach.

Strange Hungers, a D&D 5e Actual Play on Total Party Kiss.
➼ Dungeon Master, Homebrew Queer Horror Campaign.
➼ Live on Twitch on Saturdays at 9am PST/12pm EST.
➼ Writes weekly recaps. Maintains Worldbuilding wiki for fans and players.
#StrangeChatter Fan Discord Channel and Wiki.

Subdatum, a DIE RPG Actual Play on Total Party Kiss.
➼ Game Master, Limited Series. Currently on Hiatus.
➼ Featured in Masterlist and Newsletter by Kieron Gillen, creator of DIE.

Panel: “Knife in Our Hands: Reclaiming Queerness and Monstrosity in Horror” for Virtual Horror Con 2022.
➼ Moderator and Guest Sourcing.

“The history of horror media is as rich with stories of despair as it is with stories of hope. But those stories have often victimized and vilified queer and marginalized identities. Join us for a panel about reclaiming narrative control through TTRPGS, as we discuss how horror tropes and histories can become tools for empowerment!”

Interview: “Player Agency, Narrative Choice, and Mirroring” with The Dungeon Master’s Toolkit.

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